i work here.

I made it through an entire design program without a proper workspace. I hunched over my laptop while sitting on my bed or on the couch or while riding various forms of public transportation. I buried the kitchen table with my homework and various projects, much to the dismay of my roommates I’m sure, and I stashed my art supplies in any and every free corner of floor space I could find. And while this worked for me back then, I’m starting to think that creating a workspace that is separate from, oh say, your bed or your kitchen, might be a very healthy and (yikes!) grown-up thing to do. I’m dreaming of my very own workspace and am loving these beautiful, inspiring spaces:

Apparently I’m really into white walls, clean spaces, and graphic details at the moment, which would be quite a joke if only you could see my cluttered, messy room right now! I tell myself that I know where everything is – oh, that thing? It should be under the pile of papers in the corner. No, not that pile of papers, the other one…

Also loving this piece by Vanity Fair featuring the desks of some Hollywood bigwigs. My favorites: Liz Smith’s desk with its bright windows, organized clutter, and Tony Curtis headshot, and also Oprah’s desk with the fresh flowers and tea in a Hermes cup and saucer!

And liking this Office Snapshots website where you can browse the office spaces of big companies and get inspiration for your home office. Loving the Urban Outfitters Headquarters offices in Philadelphia. Also notable: the new Facebook offices and Google: Zurich.

Where do you go to get work done?

{image 1, 2, 3, 4, 5}


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