“i’m not funny. what i am is brave.”

Last weekend would have been Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday (did you see the awesome Google tribute to her?), and even though this is belated, I just love these old Hollywood pictures of our favorite funny lady so much that I had to post them. I admit that I didn’t get the brilliance of I Love Lucy until I was more grown up. As a kid I dismissed most black-and-white television as boring and irrelevant, but once I started watching I realized hey, this is funny stuff! I’m used to seeing all the I Love Lucy promo images of a bold redhead with an up-do and an a comic expression, but I’m obsessed with these more glamourous shots of Ms. Ball (especially the above pic!). She’s almost unrecognizable as a young (blonde?) starlet, no?

So many gorgeous photos. Amazing eyebrows. And some wise words from a funny and brave lady.

{images top1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8}



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2 responses to ““i’m not funny. what i am is brave.”

  1. bonkasaurus

    She is so sweet looking, i always wonder what they her and marilyn monroe would look like today hmm

    -Bianca at http://theinbetweengirls.wordpress.com/

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