ground control to major tom

Say what you will about David Bowie’s make-up and wardrobe choices, Goblin King alter ego, and awkward music video collaborations… because obviously what you’re going to say is “Yeah! So awesome!” Right? Well, obviously. And his music? Ok, also pretty awesome. I was first introduced to Bowie’s Space Oddity, when my mother, um, I mean when someone I know, recalled how once, after leaving a party and while sitting in the car on her way home, the radio vibrated and she heard an eerie voice calling out to her “ground control to Major Tom…” And just like that the car’s dashboard, with it’s blinking lights, transformed into a spaceship’s cockpit and the car began to float off the road and into space. Mighty powerful lyrics, huh? (Or some mighty powerful something… it was the early 70’s and she was a hippie leaving a hippie party so draw your own conclusions).

Clearly a song that can inspire such an imagination and/or hallucination has the makings of a wonderful children’s book. Don’t you think? Illustrator Andrew Kolb must have had the same epiphany because in his latest project he created children’s book illustrations to accompany the song’s lyrics. So fun!

Ok, so maybe the story is a tad bit scary for a children’s book, but I still love the idea. The whole book was available for download on his website, but it looks like the download has since been removed. You can still visit to check out his other work.

{david bowie via, andrew kolb via}




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  1. Kim

    Have you seen Labyrinth with David Bowie and a very young teenage Jennifer Connely?
    and looks like you got lucky with downloading the book. the words are all blurred out now on his page.

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