weekend inspiration: aurora islandica

I disappeared from the blog for the past week partly because I’ve been busy and partly, well mostly, because I’ve been feeling creatively stuck. I needed some time to get unstuck and to reflect on what I’d like to do with this little blog of mine. Although I can’t say that I quite figured it out, I figured it’s best to jump back into it and just take it one post at a time.

So in the name of inspiration, here is a breathtakingly gorgeous video to start your weekend. I nearly cried when watching this, but I tend tear up at anything vaguely dramatic and emotional (yeah I’m totally that kind of girl). Or maybe it was just my heart aching to see something this stunningly beautiful some day. Have any of you seen the Northern Lights before? It’s looks magical…

{video by Agust Ingvarsson here}

P.S. Worpress seems to be acting up right now, so if the video isn’t embedded above I apologize. But if you click on the link you can still view the video.


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