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santa’s got a brand new bag

And it’s gold. And leather. But it’s shaped like a simple paper bag because Santa’s modest like that. And actually he’s just holding on to it until he gifts it to me, because he’s such a sweetheart like that.

The clutches are designed by the Lisbon, Portugal brand ANVE which makes me like them even more because the Portuguese have some awesome people, one of them being my grandmother. But really it’s the clean, functional, yet beautiful design of these clutches that I’m so taken with. The Saco de Papel clutch literally translates to paper bag, and if you’re not a fan of the gold (in which case, I really don’t understand you, but ok) ¬†you can get it in black or brass or antique silver among other shades. Santa, you got my address.

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wise words for a new week

Word, ain’t that the truth.

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room for one: marilyn monroe

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