happy 2012

Happy New Year! I realize that I’m a bit late in wishing well for the new year, but I’m trying to embrace the “it’s never too late” motto when it comes to all things, so here’s to 2012! I have high high hopes for this year. Truth be told, the last couple years were a bit rough to say the least and I think that 2012 sounds like an auspicious year – Mayan calendars and doomsday fanatics aside. I usually don’t make big resolutions for the new year, but there are a few things I’d like to work on this year:

  • get healthier and more fit (you have this resolution too? you don’t say…)
  • learn some new recipes and cook something fancy
  • make time to sketch and/or write each day
  • read more – lately it seems like there are just so many books that I want to read! I’m currently reading The Night Circus which I’m really enjoying.
  • some big changes and creative endeavors that I’m not quite prepared to reveal here just yet, but here’s hoping that 2012 will be a BIG year.
  • blog more, of course – I would very much like to post to this little blog on a more regular schedule, so hold me to it!

And if it would be at all possible to fit some travel into this year, that would be amazing. I do realize that traveling requires funding of sorts and I might need to work on that part first, but at midnight on New Years I still dragged my suitcase with me down the street (in the cold and past some strange looks, I might add) in the hopes of ensuring that this will be a year of travel. It worked for me once and I’m hoping it works for me again. I hope that everyone is having a wonderful new year so far!

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