Hello, thank you so much for stopping by! I’m Amelia – a late-bloomer, fledgling designer, and full-time daydreamer.

I love tea in the morning, books and old photos, good stories, colored pencils, and finding inspiration in the unexpected. I dream of traveling the world and speaking new languages. I hope this blog will be a creative little space where I can post all the lovely things that strike my fancy and where I can ponder and muse about anything and everything. Well, maybe not everything. Just the inspiring bits. Thank you for reading – I hope you enjoy!

Please note that most of the images I post are not my own (although any graphic elements or layouts are my own design), and I do my best to give proper credit where it’s due. If you should spot any images that are incorrectly cited or your own photo that you would like removed, please email me at ameliafancies{at}gmail{dot}com and I’ll correct it right away. Also, if you happen to see anything on my site that you’d like to repost, I’d love a link back. Thank you! 

If you’d like to drop me a line or just say hello, why please do at ameliafancies{at}gmail{dot} com. Oh, and you can also find me here!


2 responses to “about

  1. Denise Sink

    love your site!!

  2. Cindy Cunha

    LOVE this site. How can I be notified of new posts?

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