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he loves me, he loves me not

This photography series “Exploded Flowers” by Qi Wei is mesmerizing. What detail and patience must have gone into creating these shots petal by petal! So beautiful!

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i can fly

When I was little I had this distinct memory of having once been able to fly. Maybe it wasn’t a memory so much of flying as much as it was of floating. The details were a little bit fuzzy but it was as if my body had this sense memory of what it had been like to be weightless, to just float up off the couch and tumble in slow motion through the air. It’s hard to describe the way I remembered it and I never tried to explain to anyone because who wants some adult to rain on your parade and tell you “No, that’s impossible. People can’t fly”? Maybe you think that I just had a vivid imagination, which I admit I mostly definitely did, but this memory was so compelling and would sneak up on me during the most unexpected moments, that for years I was convinced that I had once had this special ability to fly. If I could just concentrate really hard maybe I could make it happen again. Needless to say, I was never able to fly or float or levitate again and after some time I could no longer remember what it had felt like.

Ok, so maybe you’re thinking that I’m some sort of wannabe Peter Pan nutcase but I swear that’s just the kind of kid I was. I got wrapped up in my own stories, believed in things like magic and fairies way longer than was probably socially acceptable, and even today my imagination sometimes (read: frequently) gets the best of me. And it’s the kid in me that loves these levitating self-portraits by Natsumi Hayashi. They make me so happy. Maybe I wasn’t just imagining things. Maybe flying isn’t so impossible after all.

Tell me these aren’t fun. You can check out her blog for even more photos. She makes levitating look like such an effortless hobby!

{six impossible things via, natsumi hayashi photos via}

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summer dreaming

Everyone is talking about how summer is over or about how we never really had a summer to begin with, and I have to say I’m surprised by how quickly August has passed by. In just a couple days we’ll be into September and then soon into fall with all its glorious wardrobe options (I love dressing for fall weather – it’s my favorite!). However, we’ve had some lovely warm weather over the weekend and I’m trying to soak up the last days of summer. I’ve never been much of the sun-bathing, pool-lounging type, but lately all I want to do is tie up my hair in a bun, wear one of these retro bathing suits, swim in the pool and lay on the beach. I wish I could pull off summer glamour like any of these ladies…

{John Rawlings for Vogue, c.1953}

{Grace Kelly}

{Anthropologie bathing suit}

{Marilyn Monroe}

{all images via this pinterest board}

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oh my hue

I love color. Bright shades and saturated tones make me happy as does looking at things that are organized by color: closets, bookshelves, office supplies, etc. So I am totally delighted by this new website, Here’s Looking at Hue. The site arranges photos, from the seemingly obscure street sign to the artistically captured portrait,  by hue. I could spend hours scrolling through a site like this; there’s just something so mesmerizing about it! I definitely recommend browsing the website for a little inspiration or just to add a bit of color to your day.

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